Our jewelry is sterling silver, gold, or platinum and may be touched up with a polishing cloth.  Because many of the pieces have stones and patinas, ultrasonic cleaning or using Tarnex at home is not recommended. Please feel free to bring your jewelry to our gallery for complimentary cleaning.

If you're unable to visit the gallery, call us at 401-849-1540 and we will suggest the best method of cleaning for your piece.



Pearl Care

As what is considered an organic gem, you cannot care for pearls the same way you would a metal piece of jewelry. They can be damaged by many chemicals found in household cleaners, cosmetics, perfumes, and hair care products. 

Never clean your pearls with any type of ultrasonic, steam cleaner, or chemical cleaner, or store them in a plastic bag, or in a place where they have a direct exposure to high heat. 

The best way to store pearls is in a soft cloth or pouch, or box, protected from rubbing against metal jewelry which can abrade the pearl surface over time. 

To clean your pearls, only use jewelry cleaners labeled safe for pearls if you must, but the best thing is simply to wipe them with a soft cloth just moistened with water (not dripping wet so as not the damage the strength of the silk cord.)

A good rule of thumb is that pearls should be the LAST THING YOU PUT ON when dressing and the FIRST THING YOU TAKE OFF. 

Lastly, pearls like being worn! The natural skin oils help keep pearls from becoming too dry, so enjoy them, and wear them!!


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